Manufacturing Facilities

Highland, IL Premix Plant
Trouw Nutrition USA's Highland plant has over 30 years of manufacturing experience in vitamin, mineral, and base premixes for companion animals. The facility has a wide range of blending and packaging capabilities, with unique processes that allow for the handling of fine, free-flowing materials, as well as materials that have sticky flow characteristics. Our manufacturing area is climate-controlled, with calibration and verification processes on all of our weighing devices. 

Our team at the Highland plant is extremely motivated in producing quality premixes to enable our customers' success, with a constant eye on safety and sustainability. 

Neosho, MO Premix Plant

Trouw Nutrition USA's Neosho plant is committed to excellence in the manufacturing process, through the use of computer-controlled systems. The facility is designed for flexibility to meet each of our customers’ unique requirements, ranging from handling specialty raw materials to meeting a wide variety of packaging requirements. To support our efforts toward excellence, in-process analysis, quality control, and strict on-site quality assurance programs are designed to satisfy the highest of industry standards.

With a focus on quality, safety, and sustainability, our team is highly motivated in contributing to your success!

Willmar, MN Premix Plant

Trouw Nutrition USA’s Willmar plant is a leader in providing the livestock and poultry industry with technology-based premix and ingredients, originating through sound research and development. Our efforts lead to discovery and introduction of new, unique, and improved premix and ingredients.

The Willmar facility is equipped to blend quality premixes for the livestock and poultry industries. The capabilities include packs ranging from 2-oz. packages to 1,000-kg bulk sacks. The facility is also equipped to provide products which include water dispersible and specialty products.