Trouw Nutrition USA's Policy Statement on Sustainability
1. Trouw Nutrition USA invests in understanding the environmental impact and climate effect associated with its activities and products. We strive to mitigate negative impact, either by reduction or an equivalent positive action. 

The key drivers are: 
• Optimizing feed efficiency, nutrient excretion and greenhouse gas emissions through better animal nutrition
• Reducing CO2 emissions from our own operations
• Working with value chain partners to establish sustainability criteria for sourcing raw materials

2. Trouw Nutrition USA delivers high quality and sustainable feed solutions that support the best performance of animals and puts assurance of feed-to-food safety ahead of risk-carrying opportunities.

3. Trouw Nutrition USA provides fair and equal employment and access to training and opportunities for advancement. We are a positive presence in communities where we are located and in wider society. 

Read our booklet Sustainability Vision 2020

Sustainability Vision 2020