Feed to Food Quality

Trouw Nutrition USA is committed to providing superior quality and safe solutions for your business. We take pride in taking the necessary steps to confirm that ingredients and finished products meet or exceed our customer’s standards. To support our promise of excellence and to achieve the level of product quality that we demand, our manufacturing facilities actively participate in recognized food safety certifications and quality assurance programs. Strict quality assurance steps are in place to manage, monitor, and confirm that our products are made in accordance with and meet a specified formula.

Nutrace® is a company-wide proactive program to assure feed-to-food quality. Nutrace safeguards the quality of Nutreco products and services and, just as important, it improves operations and profitability for our customers and food chain partners.

Nutrace Standards
The Nutrace program, which complies with legislation and certification requirements, is based on five standards: Certified Quality, Ingredient Assessment and Management, Monitoring, Risk Management and Tracking and Tracing. These standards include:

Certified Quality
• A commitment to international quality standards in all parts of the feed-to-food chain
• HACCP principles and Trouw Nutrition's own HSEQ system
• External certification
• Transparency with customers (Customers are welcome to audit our operations and check our certifications.)

Ingredient Assessment and Management
• Common standards across Nutreco for the assessment and management of ingredients and suppliers
• Approved feed ingredients and suppliers
• Consistent quality of ingredients used in manufacture of feeds

• Monitoring system for ingredient and finished product quality
• Harmonized sampling and analysis methods across Nutreco
• Approved laboratories for testing
• Trouw Nutrition- wide early warning and rapid alert system for ingredient quality
• Control of non-conformities
• Clear procedures for internal control of non-conformities and external notification

Risk Management
• System to take appropriate precautions and measures to minimize risks
• Crisis manuals in place,  based on experience and simulations, specifying actions and communications in
  the event of an incident.
• Support from a comprehensive, global network throughout the industry, with regulators, Non-Government
  Organizations (NGO’s) and other stakeholders

Tracking and Tracing
• Effective tracking and tracing-systems
• Records of every input and process, from feed ingredient purchasing to finished product delivery

Nutrace focuses on all aspects of quality with added emphasis on feed-to-food safety.

At Trouw Nutrition USA, we deliver high quality products and services by analyzing raw materials and finished products to make sure they are accurate and consistent.