Company Overview

A Leader in Animal Nutrition

Nutreco is a recognized global leader in animal nutrition. Trouw Nutrition USA, LLC is the operating company for the United States market. We specialize in custom premixes, blends, and ingredients for the Companion Animal and Livestock Industries. Our efforts lead to discovery and introduction of new, unique, and improved feed ingredients. Our innovative nutrients and premixes provide consistent, safe, and proven results.

At Trouw Nutrition USA, we transform technology into products that improve the productivity and well-being of companion animals and livestock. From our nutrients to our customer service, Trouw Nutrition USA stands out against the competition. We are committed to providing superior quality and safe solutions for your business.   

Trouw Nutrition USA understands there are different needs for different animals. That is why we have developed two separate divisions. It’s all about people, knowledge, and focus.

Dedicated Companion Animal Team 
Focused on: Companion Animal Nutrition, Quality, and Animal Well-Being

Dedicated Livestock Team 
Focused on: Performance, Efficiency, and Sustainability  

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• Trouw Nutrition USA’s parent company Nutreco {a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed}