Research Network

Trouw Nutrition's Research Network:
The Trouw Nutrition international research encompasses a broad range of scientific disciplines, with a team that includes nutritionists, veterinarians, animal physiologists, microbiologists, immunologists and technical engineers. Trouw Nutrition R&D centers complement their research through links with academic and independent centers of scientific excellence. The Trouw Nutrition researchers frequently participate at conferences worldwide, presenting research results, as well as publishing results in international scientific journals. Trouw Nutrition R&D strives for scientific validity and commercial applicability.

The R&D activities of Trouw Nutrition provide a valuable bridge between the worlds of science, agriculture, aquaculture, feed and food. Close liaison between the research centers and the Trouw Nutrition businesses helps to ensure a regular exchange of ideas and knowledge. The Application and Solution Centers (ASC) are the interface between local marketplace information and innovation teams. To drive innovation that meets local market needs, they take new concepts from Trouw Nutrition R&D and translate them to the needs of individual Operating Companies in Trouw Nutrition.