Intestinal Challenges?

New Born Calf & Colostrum:
Calves are born with a poorly developed or uneducated immune system.  In order to educate the immune system and obtain immunoglobulins (antibodies), calves rely on the ingestions of colostrum “first milk” produced by the cow after calving. This process by which the cow passes antibodies to the calf via colostrum is called passive transfer of immunity. Colostrum is vital and very important to feed because the neonatal calf is born into a harsh environment contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are capable of causing havoc in the calf’s body.

If a calf does not receive colostrum or enough high quality colostrum, their immune system is automatically at a disadvantage. The calf will become more susceptible to intestinal challenges while their own acquired or “active” immune system is developing. Help the calf Bridge the Gap™ from passive to acquired immunity with Ready to Feed Antibodies® in Protimax® for Calves.

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