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Fundamental Properties to Improve Life Outcomes?
Understanding feeding patterns and feeding times as they relate to coordination of circadian rhythms has huge implications for the well-being of commercial and companion animals. 
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• Feed 

Survey Shows Producer Feed Buying Behavior
A survey of large commercial producers shows that each livestock enterprise decides on a feed supplier based on
its own particular needs.

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• Chelated Trace Minerals

Chelated Trace Minerals Support Sow Progeny

Feeding chelated trace minerals to sows not only supports sow reproduction but also supports the growth performance of the subsequent progeny.

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Chelated Trace Minerals Support Sow Reproduction
Supplementation with chelated trace minerals promotes sow longevity, reproductive ability and skeletal health, all of which contribute to the herd’s bottom line.

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• Feed Additives

Feed Additives that can Replace Antibiotics
Several feed additives with direct and indirect modes of action can replace the effects of in-feed antibiotics used for growth promotion in poultry and pigs.
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