The Trouw Nutrition USA Laboratories are committed to providing our customers with high-quality testing services. We pride ourselves on ensuring all results are reported accurately in an efficient, timely manner.

Internal Analysis Capabilities:

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR): Used as an aid in assuring our raw materials and finished products are accurate and free of adulterations

Vitamin Analysis: Includes premix analysis and analysis of pure vitamins

Mycotoxin Analysis: A qualitative analysis on ingredients which have a high risk for mycotoxin contamination

Quality Control Analysis: A wide variety of QC analyses, such as organoleptic reviews, bulk density analyses, and granulometry estimations, to name a few.

External Analysis Capabilities:
In addition to our internal analysis capabilities and quality checks, we also offer a wide variety of customer-specific analysis options via accredited third party laboratories.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS):
Our LIMS allows our laboratories to directly communicate with our manufacturing facilities so transferring and storing sample data is automated, which ensures integrity of the data and avoids transcription errors.