At Trouw Nutrition we are focused on providing premium nutrients and premixes to the companion animal industry. Please find below a brief description of several of our new innovative specialty ingredients!

Tasco®, a premium kelp meal derived exclusively from Ascophyllum nodosum, is an excellent source of prebiotic fibers and other beneficial bioactive compounds that are unique to this marine plant and are not commonly found in other sources of prebiotics. When consumed, these components help the pets achieve their maximum potential.

Trouw Nutrition USA is exclusive distributor for Pet Food applications.

Product Benefits
• Contains 100% Ascophyllum nodosum: the most researched specialty marine plant on the market.
• USDA Organic Certified.
• All Natural.
• Manually harvested to guarantee the sustainability of this valuable resource and protection of its ecosystem.
• Solar dried to maintain the natural compounds that give Tasco® its unique properties.
• Low inclusion rates that are proven effective.

is a unique nutritional ingredient developed especially for pets and is based on one of nature's perfect foods - the egg. Nutritionists have valued eggs for many years as one of the best sources of protein. Today it is known that the egg is much more than just a source of protein. The egg can supply much more than simple nutritional building blocks.

Product Benefits
The whole egg is nature's perfect nutritional delivery system. It provides a rich source of antibodies, functional proteins, and other key nutritional components.
• EggMotion is highly palatable in dry form and is readily consumed by companion animals.
• EggMotion contains specific IgY antibodies that help maintain the pet's natural immune system in times of challenges or stress.

BiovaPlex® provides nutritional building blocks for your pet to live a happy life.       

Product Benefits
• Along with exercise and a good diet, BiovaPlex may help maintain your pet's natural range of mobility, flexibility, and function.
• Provide antioxidants that reduce free radicals 
• Provide collagen and other beneficial nutrients for a lustrous, healthy coat

CarniKing™ Weight Management for Pets. L-carnitine provides an essential component needed for energy metabolism and supports a wide range of health benefits to all phases of our pets' lives. 

Product Benefits
• Helps improve energy and fat utilization
• Helps optimize exercise and muscle recovery
• CarniKing supplementation may help support energy metabolism in the heart and skeletal muscles of older pets. 
• CarniKing research in pets has shown that when diets containing Carniking are fed to both dogs and cats, the level of body fat is reduced while the percentage of lean muscle mass increases. 

PurforMSM® "What's good for my owner, is good for me!" Distributed by Trouw Nutrition USA and manufactured by Bergstom Nutrition, the MSM pioneers, PurforMSM meets rigorous quality standards to safeguard the health of your pet. Look for high quality products made with PurforMSM. 

Product Benefits
• Helps maintain pet's natural range of motion    
• MSM is a rich source of sulfur; a key constituent for healthy nails and joints.

Optimin® Who is the watch dog over your minerals? Research suggests that Optimin supplies minerals more consistently, which is important to the health and well-being of your pet. Turn to Optimin to guard the nutritional success of your diets. 

Product Benefits
• Help maintain a shiny, healthy coat
• Provides additional nutritional support when pets need it the most
• Strong chelation allows for Optimins to improve the probability of absorption.   
• Improves vitamin stability in premixes
• Opportunity to reduce overall mineral formulation
• Research shows Optimin minerals cooperate with the animals mineral requirements
   - Up-regulates faster in times of deficiency
   - Down-regulates in times of excess

Fibosel® is a purified beta-glucan based on the latest advances in yeast cell wall technology combined with years of in vitro and in vivo research. Beta-glucans are best used in situations where the immune system has to cope with stress and with increased risk of disease periods such as lactation, vaccination, strenuous exercise and winter/summer extreme climatic conditions. 

Product Benefits

• Several studies indicate that the health status of pets can be supported when fed exposed beta-gulcans from yeast cell walls.
• Fibosel is produced in a consistent and controlled manner using a unique extraction process to guarantee a minimum beta-glucan content. 
• Fibosel's low inclusion level results in a cost effective inclusion of beta-glucans in your diet. 

TNI Betain® High performing animals have high nutritional demands to maintain a healthy and optimal growth. TNI Betain supports the animal performance on several metabolic processes and has unique product features. Betain (trymethylglycine) naturally occurs in sugar beets. Through patented technology, TNI Betain is extracted from sugar beets grown in the USA. This extraction process results in pure, natural, and uniform betaine crystals that have excellent flow properties and are safe to handle and process.

Product Benefits
• Methyl donor to support rapid growth
• Acts as an Osmoregulator to help improve cellular balance
• Can provide a partial replacement of choline
• Helps improves premix stability in comparison to choline