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Fundamental Properties to Improve Life Outcomes?
Understanding feeding patterns and feeding times as they relate to coordination of circadian rhythms has huge implications for the well-being of commercial and companion animals. 
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Innovative Feed Additives for Fine-Tuning Novel Pet Food Formulations 
Nutritionists, vets and pet owners realize today the importance and impact of nutrition on health, vitality and longevity of their companion animals. Moreover, the pet food industry is constantly challenged to deliver safe, stable products that will maintain all their organoleptic and nutritional properties over time. The most expensive pet food is the one that cannot be fed!
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Activated Yeast β-Glucans: Focusing on the Health Status of Our Pets 
Trouw Nutrition International and Selko Feed Additives combined their expertise and knowledge of animal nutrition and yeast technology several years ago in order to develop an innovative immuno-nutrition based solution for animals. 
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The Influence of Dietary Sources of  Zinc, Copper, and Manganese on Canine Reproductive Performance and Hair and Mineral Content Objective: To determine if the partial replacement of inorganic salts of zinc, manganese and copper with the proteinated form of these minerals will result in enhanced reproductive performance in the gestating/lactating bitch.
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