Trusted with Traceability: Who's protecting their nutritional integrity?

Trouw Nutrition USA is committed to providing superior quality and safe solutions for your business. We pride ourselves on taking the necessary steps to confirm that ingredients and finished products comply with our customer’s standards. Our Nutrace® program is our safeguard to protect our products and services. The Nutrace feed-to-food quality strategy is specified in five standards: Certified Quality, Ingredient Assessment and Management, Monitoring, Risk Management and Tracking & Tracing. This proactive program minimizes risk by using stringent ingredient assessments and management tools to add value to our customers and supply chain partners.

Trouw Nutrition USA’s manufacturing facilities actively participate in recognized food safety certifications and incorporate superior quality assurance programs to support our promise of excellence. Firm quality assurance principles have been put in place to keep our unique feed-to-food strategy. We accomplish this by maintaining certified quality standards, assuring high quality products and services. This gives our customers a totally transparent operation and their customers confidence knowing they are working with a company that is looking out for their best interest. We minimize risk to assure customer satisfaction.

Our facilities have strict guidelines on products that enter and leave our facilities. No restricted-use proteins products are allowed in our facilities, which are certified by the Facility Certification Institute (FCI). Our superior quality is also backed up with drug-free facilities providing only the highest standards for your business. We have a company-wide commitment to support your brand integrity.