Trouw Nutrition USA is committed to providing superior quality and safe solutions for your business and the companion animal industry. We take pride in taking the necessary steps to confirm that ingredients and finished products meet or exceed our customer’s standards. To support our promise of excellence and to achieve the level of product quality that we demand, our manufacturing facilities actively participate in recognized food safety certifications and quality assurance programs. Strict quality assurance steps are in place to manage, monitor, and confirm that premixes are made in accordance with and meet a specified formula.

At Trouw Nutrition USA we assure high quality products and services. One process we would like to highlight is
our NIR (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) and Discriminant Analysis technique of process control for our ingredient assurance program. This program allows us to assist our customers by providing raw materials and finished products that are accurate and consistent. Each day we work harder to minimize our customer’s risk and stand true to their brand.

No one likes problems…Trouw Nutrition USA enjoys helping you solve them!