A Global Presence

Nutreco has companion animal dedicated facilities all over the world.

Trouw Nutrition USA – Trouw Nutrition USA is an international leader providing the companion animal industry with technology-based ingredients originating through sound research and development. Our efforts lead to discovery and introduction of new, unique and improved pet food ingredients. We are a global leader building upon our successes of more than seven decades providing innovative and safe nutrition solutions for the companion animal industry. At Trouw Nutrition USA, we transform technology into products that improve the performance and well-being of companion animals.  Our goal is to listen and learn in order to develop the premium programs and services that fulfill the needs of our customers. Our team at Trouw Nutrition USA concentrates on connecting the pet food industry with technology to help develop innovative solutions. Trouw Nutrition USA

Nutreco Canada – Nutreco Canada Pet Food division has been enhancing the lives of companion animals through ongoing nutrition and quality improvements since 1983. We offer a range of pet products, including branded and private label formulas, to meet the needs of all markets, from commercial to specialized food. We are a leading pet food supplier to companies in both Canada and the USA. Our customers choose Nutreco because we are committed to animal health and well-being and provide high quality, safe nutrition products. Nutreco Canada

Nutreco Brazil – Nutreco Brazil provides high quality pet food for the companion animal market. Through investments in research and technology, we developed a new concept in pet nutrition. Our formulas have only the highest quality ingredients and aim to provide superior nutritional balance to pets. In order to meet our customer needs, Nutreco Brazil is the only company in the country that produces a 100% vegan pet food, developed to minimize allergies and support a healthy living for pets. Our customers choose Nutreco, a quality driven company, due to our safe and innovative nutritional solutions. Nutreco Brazil 

Trouw Nutrition Mexico – At Trouw Nutrition Mexico, we take great care regarding the quantity of micronutrients used in our premixes in order to ensure the animal’s best health and vitality. The production of highly specialized premixes for companion animals requires strict quality control and a rigorous selection process for raw materials. Our technical experts in nutrition and feed behavior provide balanced nutritional formulation for a complete, healthy diet. 

Trouw Nutrition GB – United Kingdom (TNGB) is Trouw’s European manufacturer of nutritional premixes, supplements and blends for the pet food industry. Products for the pet sector are produced in a dedicated, isolated facility. We offer different mixing technologies to ensure that the mixer fits the mix. This flexible approach allows us to manufacture a wide range of ingredients including vitamins, major minerals, trace elements, amino acids, herbal and vegetable powders, flavours and antioxidants on a range of cereal, rice and mineral carriers. With our own on-site laboratory, we partner with our clients to provide, safe and innovative nutritional solutions which are tailored to their unique requirements. In 2013 TNGB was accredited with the International Food Safety Standard ISO22000:2005.   This success underlines our fundamental commitment to food safety and the protection of our clients’ brands. Using our global presence Trouw is dedicated to the ethical sourcing of quality assured raw materials which adhere to the principles of sustainability. This goal was endorsed by the award in 2013 to TNGB of the sedex (SMETA) four-pillar accreditation. Our in-house logistics service has experience in delivering to our clients throughout Europe including Russia. Trouw Pet Team Europe provides clients with a value-added package of assured, food-safe products, technical expertise and comprehensive laboratory support services.

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